Mauthausen Execution Room

Execution place in gas chamber building

This is the spot where condemned prisoners were executed by a shot in the neck. The sign on the wall says that prisoners had to stand in front of a fake measuring device and were shot from behind after they were fooled into thinking that their height was being measured. There does not seem to be a hole in the wall through which the shooter could point his gun.

On the left in the photo above is the door to the outside stairs which lead to the area between the bunker and the hospital building. To the right is the doorway to the hall leading to a door on the west wall of the gas chamber.

The photograph below shows the metal bar under the skylight where condemned prisoners were hanged. The skylight is to the left of the stairs shown in the photo above.

Condemned prisoners were hanged from this bar

Spot where a crematory oven was removed

A third crematory oven formerly stood in this spot in the underground area beneath the space between the hospital building and the bunker. Behind the camera is the wood-paneled execution spot, shown in the first photo on this page. Prisoners were executed in front of the oven and their bodies were then cremated. On the right side of the photo above, one can see part of a porthole window opening to the outside courtyard behind the bunker. An exit door to the courtyard is to the right; it is shown in the photo below.

Exit door from the execution room

This is the exit door from the empty crematorium room shown in the photo above. The area in the foreground is the narrow courtyard behind the bunker building.

Gas Chamber Exterior