Sun Terrace - "The Eagle's Nest" 

View of the Königssee from sun terrace of Kehlsteinhaus

The original arched openings on the sun terrace are now enclosed with casement windows, as shown in the photo above. When the Eagle's Nest was used by the Nazis, the open sun terrace was furnished with deck chairs like those used on a ship. The photo below shows Adolf Hitler sitting on a deck chair on the sun terrace. On the left are the arched openings, which are now enclosed. In the background is the door to the Eva Braun room. On the right, in the foreground, is another door to the sun terrace.

Hitler sitting on a deck chair on the sun terrace

View of Königssee from the sun terrace

Through the windows of the sun terrace, one can see this spectacular view of the Königssee, a mountain lake which is surrounded on three sides by mountains. The Königssee (King's Lake) is a 3-mile walk from the center of the town of Berchtesgaden, or you can drive or take a regular bus to it.

In May 2007, the sun terrace was lined with photos which tell the history of the building of das Kehlsteinhaus.

Visitors study the history of the Eagle's Nest

In May 1997, the sun terrace was furnished with these tacky tables, surrounding replicas of giant beer bottles.

The sun terrace in May 1997

After the invasion of Poland in 1939 escalated into World War II, Hitler spent all of his time directing the war effort and never visited the Eagle's Nest after 1940.



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