Technical Room next to gas chamber at Hartheim Castle

The "technical room" adjacent to the gas chamber

This photo shows the east side of a very narrow room called the "technical room," which is right next to the Hartheim Castle gas chamber. This room is between the gas chamber and the morgue. A metal ramp goes through the room and on to the morgue. Note the large pipe on the left which looks like a plumbing pipe.

Technical room between gas chamber and morgue

The photo above shows both sides of the opening that was cut through the "technical room." The large pipes look like plumbing pipes for the four-story castle. In the background you can see the empty crematorium room with a light shining on the spot where the crematory oven once stood.

Gas pipe in the technical room at Hartheim Castle

The photo above shows the east side of the technical room; the reconstructed gas pipe enters the gas chamber which is on the other side of the wall.

West side of the "technical room"

The photo above shows the west side of the "technical room," which is opposite the side with the reconstructed pipe going into the gas chamber. A closed-up door opening that formerly led into the gas chamber is shown on the right side of the photo. Note the glass over a hole in the floor which is partially visible at the lower edge of the photo. This glass covers more pipes which were discovered when the Memorial Site was constructed. The door on the left leads to the morgue room.

Morgue Room


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