Morgue room in Hartheim Castle

East side of the morgue room

The photo above shows the east side of the morgue, looking back towards the admissions room. Note how a passageway has been cut through the walls of the castle in order to install a ramp for tourists to walk through the rooms. The ramp gives visitors the feeling of being a witness to assembly-line murder in a factory of death.

Door to crematorium, on the left; door to courtyard on the right

The morgue is between the "technical room" and the crematorium. The door on the right leads to the open courtyard of the castle. The door on the left leads to the crematorium. Note the water faucet on the wall near the door; under the faucet are some gas pipes which were discovered when the castle was made into a Memorial Site.

Gas pipes discovered during the reconstruction

This is a close-up of the gas pipes which were discovered under the floor of the morgue when the castle was reconstructed to make it into a Memorial Site. Visitors are not allowed to get a close look at the pipes because they must stay on the ramp that goes through these rooms.



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