Crematorium in Hartheim Castle

Crematorium in Hartheim Castle

The photo above shows the room where a crematory oven once stood; a light shines on the spot where the oven was located. On the right, there is a hole in the floor covered with glass. Note the vaulted ceiling which shows how the ceiling of the gas chamber looked before a passageway for a ramp was cut through the walls. This is not the gas chamber, as some people have mistakenly identified it.

Exit from the crematorium into the courtyard

The exit of the gas chamber tour is through the door on the right which leads to the open courtyard. You can see the columns of the arcade through the doorway. Note the opening on the wall that has been closed up. This opening was for the chimney of the crematorium which was outside in the open courtyard of the four-story castle.

East side of the open courtyard at Hartheim Castle

The photo above shows the east side of the central couryard of the castle; the courtyard is covered with fine gravel and is open to the sky. The exit from the crematorium is on the right in the photo. An arcade with painted arches runs around all four sides of the couryard. On the right, you can see some of the private memorials to the victims which were formerly in the gas chamber and the adjoining rooms.

Meditation room features a glass box full of rocks

The photo above shows the non-denominational meditation room, designed by artist Herbert Friedl, which is located in the southeastern tower near the exit from the crematorium. School children from the town of Alkoven collected rocks from the Danube river, one for each person murdered in the gas chamber at Hartheim Castle. The rocks are displayed in a glass case which is like an altar in a church.


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