Hartheim Castle Museum

View of Hartheim castle from garden loggia

This photo shows the view from the garden loggia, a separate building next to Hartheim Castle in Alkoven, Austria. The loggia is now a museum about the history of the castle. Through the window, one can see the northeast tower on the left. The gas chamber is the room to the left of the tower on the ground floor. On the right is the symbolic grave of the victims. Note the modern gas station in the background on the right; Hartheim castle is located right in the middle of the town of Alkoven, not out in a field, as some people imagine.

Camillo Heinrich, Fürst Starhemberg, painted in 1892

Schloss Hartheim, or Hartheim Castle, was built by Jakob von Aspen in 1600. It was donated by Prince Camillo to the Upper Austria Charity Organization as an educational and nursing home in 1898. This painting hangs in the garden loggia which is now a history museum.

Fürst Ludwig Starhemberg

Ludwig Starhemberg was one of the former owners of Schloss Hartheim; this painting was done around 1795.

Original door of the castle, on display in the history room

The original door of Hartheim castle was removed and it has been replaced by a modern sliding glass door on the south side of the building.

Model of a porcelain stove in the history museum at Hartheim

Front Entrance

East Side of Castle

Interior Courtyard of Castle

Interior of Castle

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