Hartheim Castle Interior

The Admission room where the victims were photographed

The victims, who were physically and mentally handicapped persons that had been institutionalized by their families, were photographed in the northeast tower of Hartheim castle before being taken into the gas chamber where they were told that they would be given a shower. This photo shows the northeast tower which has a box containing personal items found buried with the ashes on the east lawn.

Meditation room in the southeast tower of Hartheim castle

The glass box in the non-denominational Meditation room holds river rocks collected by the school children in the town of Alkoven, Austria where Hartheim Castle is located. There is one rock for each of the 30,000 victims who were murdered here. The victims included around 18,000 deformed and mentally retarded persons living in institutions, and thousands of terminally ill prisoners from the Dachau and Mauthausen concentration camps who were brought here to be gassed.

Passageway through the gas chamber and adjoining rooms

A passageway has been cut through the thick walls of Hartheim castle and a metal ramp has been installed so that tourists can walk through the gas chamber and the other rooms on the east side, but cannot examine them close-up. This view shows the window in the gas chamber which is the first room that you enter from the Admission room, shown in the background.

Hartheim Museum

Front Entrance

East Side of Castle

Interior Courtyard of Castle

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