Hartheim Castle Courtyard

Open courtyard of Hartheim Castle in Alkoven, Austria

This is the view of the courtyard from the entrance on the south side of the Hartheim Castle. The courtyard is open to the sky, with an arcade that runs around each floor on all four sides. On the ground floor, you can see a fence, made of rusty metal panels, that has been constructed as part of the Memorial Site.

Metal fence hides the route that the victims walked to their death

View of the north side of the courtyard at Hartheim Castle

The courtyard of Hartheim Castle is covered with gravel and open to the sky. The rooms of the four-story castle are arranged around the courtyard. The handicapped persons who were gassed at Hartheim entered the building through a door on the northwest corner shown on the left in the photo above. They walked down the arcade behind the fence to the northeast tower where the admission room was located. The fence is part of the memorial and is not original to the castle.

After the war, the building was converted into apartments. The gas chamber was open to visitors, beginning in 1969, but the building was closed in 1999 when construction of the Memorial Site was started. The castle is no longer an authentic historical building but rather a memorial to the handicapped and a learning center which promotes awareness of the disabled.

Family memorials are on the walls of the courtyard near the gas chamber

The east side of the Hartheim Castle courtyard is on the left and the south side is on the right. In the lower right-hand corner is the main entrance into the courtyard from the outside. The exit from the gas chamber tour is the third door from the left. In the corner, you can see the doorway into the meditation room which is in the southeast tower.

Original painting on the arch of courtyard arcade at Hartheim Castle

Rain gutters on the roof of Hartheim castle

Three sides of the courtyard have fancy gutter pipes like the one shown above; the one on the fourth side is missing. This view shows the arcade around the top floor of the castle. An elevator has been installed for those who can't climb the stairs to the top. The skylight on the roof is a modern addition.

Interior of Castle

Hartheim Museum

Front Entrance

East Side of Castle

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