Hartheim Castle

East side of the castle with the northeast tower on the right

Shown in the photo above is the east side of Hartheim castle in Alkoven, Austria. The gas chamber is located on the ground floor right next to the northeast tower in the foreground on the right. The box on the lawn in the foreground is a symbolic grave that contains some of the ashes which the Nazis had buried on the east lawn. The single story building with the tall windows on the left is the garden loggia which now contains a history exhibit.

Symbolic grave on the east lawn of Hartheim Castle

This photo shows a close-up of the symbolic grave that has been placed on the east lawn of the castle where the ashes of the victims were buried. In the background is the garden loggia of Hartheim castle which is connected to the building that houses the bookstore and cafeteria.

Sculpure on east side of bookstore at Hartheim castle

Memorial to the "freedom fighters" who were murdered by the Nazis

Shown in the photo above is a memorial stone in honor of the resistance fighters who were brought by the Nazis to Hartheim Castle in Alkoven, Austria to be murdered. Prisoners from the Dachau and Mauthausen concentration camps were brought here to be gassed in "das Vernichtungslager Schloss Hartheim." This memorial is located on the north side of the castle.

View of the baroque steeple on Hartheim castle from the top floor

Parking lot of Hartheim Castle in Alkoven, Austria

Although the brochure of the Memorial Site pictures Hartheim Castle as being out in the middle of a green field with no other buildings in sight, the castle is actually inside the small town of Alkoven, Austria with other buildings all around it. The photo above shows the parking lot with houses nearby. The road in the foreground is the road on the west side of the castle. Hartheim Castle is quite small and there are other similar castles in the vicinity which are built in the same style.

Interior Courtyard of Castle

Interior of Castle

Hartheim Museum

Front Entrance

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