Kitchen in Goethehaus in Frankfurt, Germany

Copper pots on the kitchen stove in the Goethe House

The kitchen stove, shown above, is the first thing you see when you enter the Goethe House through the kitchen door. Notice the plate racks on two of the walls, and the copper pots on the stove. The brick stove was heated by a wood fire.

The kitchen sink in the Goethe House is made of stone and is not deep enough to hold enough water to wash the dishes. The dishes had to be washed one at a time, using water which came through the pipe shown on the left in the photo below. Notice the drain on the right side of the sink. The sink is adjacent to the outside wall into the courtyard, which made it convenient for draining the water.

Kitchen sink in Goethe House

Copper molds, such as the ones shown below in the Goethe House, are still being used in Germany today for making cakes and gelatin salads. Photographs are permitted in the Goethe House, but must be taken without the use of flash. The shelves in the photo below are lit by sunlight coming through a kitchen window.

Antique copper molds are displayed in the Goethe House

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