Garden of Goethehaus in Frankfurt, Germany

Iron gate opens into garden of Goethe house from the kitchen courtyard

Visitors to the Goethe House must first go through the Museum next door. An exit door from the Museum leads to a small courtyard and garden, shown in the photo above. The courtyard garden has two iron exit gates, one of which leads into the kitchen courtyard in the foreground of the photo shown above. The kitchen door, which is the entrance into the Goethe House is behind the camera.

The visitors' entrance to the Goethe House is through the gray-painted kitchen door, shown below. Behind the camera is the small courtyard and garden which visitors enter through an exit door of the Goethe Museum.

Kitchen door of the Goethe House in Frankfurt

The exit from the Goethe Museum leads to a small courtyard and garden. From this courtyard, one of two iron exit gates leads to a hidden garden behind a wall. The photo below shows the view from the hidden garden, looking back through the gate into the courtyard garden where you can see peonies in bloom.

Exit from hidden garden into courtyard garden of the Goethe house