Old Grammar School in Geseke, Germany

Gymnasium Antonianum (Grammar school) May 1995

The three photos above were taken in May 2008

In 1687, the Gymnasium Antonianum was built by the Catholic Franciscan priests in Geseke. This was the second school to be built in Geseke; the first was the Catholic convent for noble-born girls which was established in the year 946 AD on land donated by the Hahold family.

On August 8, 1689, almost 25% of the town of Geseke was destroyed by fire, but the school building survived.

When I visited in May 1995 and again in May 2008, this building was empty and abandoned. It is located on Martinsgasse just off the Hellweg.

On August 25, 1969, a new school to replace the old Gymnasium Antonianum was opened in a new building on Wichburgastrasse in Geseke.

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