St. Cyriakus Church in Geseke, Germany

St. Cyriakus Church with Convent school on the right

St. Cyriakus church was called the convent church. It is located right next to the convent school for noble-born ladies which was built in the year 946 AD on land donated by the Hahold family. The convent school is the small white building on the right.

In the year 952, King Otto took the convent under his protection and the Hahold family gave all their remaining land to the convent. A wall, three kilometers long, and a moat was built around the convent. In 1217, all the farmers in the area moved inside the walls for protection and this became the walled town of Geseke. The wall was torn down in 1830 and where it used to be, there is now a promenade or foot path between a double row of trees. There is a street in Geseke called Hahold and also a street named Bernard, so the Bernard family must have belonged to the nobility and they also donated land to the town.

Franciscan Cloister at St. Cyriakus Church

Statue of St. Cyriakus

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