Hotel on the Obersalzberg

Hotel built on the spot where Hermann Goering's house once stood

The photo above shows the InterContinental Resort Berchtesgaden, a luxury hotel which opened on February 2005 on the Obersalzberg where the homes of Hitler's deputy, Martin Bormann, and Hermann Goering once stood on land owned by Goering.

Ruins of Hermann Goering's home after it was bombed

Photo Credit: Ron Clarin

The Obersalzberg, a wooded plateau about half a mile up the Kehlstein, can be reached by tour buses which leave regularly from the Berchtesgaden Post Office. Berchtesgaden is a picturesque Bavarian town located 98 miles southeast of Munich. The trip from Munich to Berchtesgaden by train takes 1 1/2 hours, and there are 12 trains leaving daily. The closest airport is in Salzburg, Austria which is 14 miles due north of Berchtesgaden.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, based in Los Angeles, has criticized what they perceive as a plan to turn what was once a Nazi enclave on the Obersalzberg into what the Bavarian Government calls "Resort Berchtesgaden." This area is famous because of the many state visits and diplomatic conferences held here during the Nazi regime. The SWC believes that this place is the center of evil and should not be used as a resort.

Visitors who do not want to stay in this hotel can find accommodations in Berchtesgaden, a small Bavarian town just below the Obersaltzberg.

The InterContinental has 138 rooms and includes an indoor-outdoor swimming pool. The modern glass and steel building was designed to break with the past; it is vastly different from the Bavarian architecture of Hitler's former home on the Obersalzberg, called the Berghof, where he planned the invasions of Poland and the Soviet Union.

Exterior of Eagle's Nest

Access Tunnel to Elevator

Elevator to the Eagle's Nest

Interior of Eagle's Nest

Fireplace at Eagle's Nest

View from the Eagle's Nest

Sun Terrace at Eagle's Nest

Mooslahnerkopf - Hitler's first tea house

Berghof - Hitler's house on the Obersalzberg

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