Translated text of 1933 German Poster displayed in Museum at Dachau concentration camp Memorial Site:


On January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler, the leader of the German freedom movement, was made Chancellor of the German Reich. On March 5, the German people, whole-heartedly acknowledged their support for him and his endeavours. The


has smashed the old system to the ground. Marxism lies shattered, Germany faces a new prosperity. This great German struggle for liberation fills


with hatred and rage. They see their power in German coming to an end. They see that they can no longer make Germany into a Soviet Jewish criminal colony. Now they are acting in accordance with the programme of the Jewish Zionist leader, Theodor Hertzl, which was solemnly proclaimed at the Jewish congress in Basel in 1897 (extract from the 7h meeting):

"As soon as a non-Jewish State dares to oppose us we must be in a position to provoke its neighbors into declaring war against it. We will then use public opinion as a pretext."

At the moment the Jews are putting an extensive plan into action to stir up world opinion against Germany. Using the press, they are spreading a monstrous flood of lies throughout the world. No crime, no disgrace is too base for them. They accuse the Germans.

THE JEWS ARE LYING In Germany, members of the Jewish race are supposedly being brutally tortured to death.

THE JEWS ARE LYING Their eyes being gouged out, their hands hacked off, their ears and noses cut off, and even their corpses dismembered.

THE JEWS ARE LYING Allegedly, not even Jewish women are spared from such gruesome deaths and young Jewish girls are raped in front of their parents.

These lies are being propagated in the same way and to the same ends as they were during the war - in order to incite world opinion against Germany.

In addition to this a


is being demanded. By this they are seeking to increase poverty and unemployment in Germany, and to ruin the German export trade, German men and women! The culprits in this absurd crime, in this vile smear and boycott campaign are the


They have appealed to their racial brethren abroad to fight against Germany. They have spread their slander and lies abroad. Therefore the leaders of the German liberation movement have decided to defend themselves against this criminal slander, and from Saturday, April 1, 1933, at 10 a.m. to observe against all Jewish shops, warehouses, lawyers' practices, etc.


We appeal to you, German men and women, to observe this boycott. Don't buy in Jewish shops or warehouses! Don't engage Jewish lawyers, avoid Jewish doctors! Show the Jews that they cannot disgrace and defile Germany's honour without being punished. Those who ignore this appeal prove that they sympathize with Germany's enemies.

Long live the honourable General Field-Marshall of the Great War, the President of the Reich PAUL VON HINDENBERG!

Long live the Führer and Chancellor ADOLF HITLER!

Long live the German people and the holy GERMAN FATHERLAND

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