Liberation of Dachau, 29 April 1945

"Sunday, just after the noon meal, the air was unusually still. The big field outside the compound was deserted. Suddenly someone began running toward the gate at the other side of the field. Others followed. The word was shouted through the mass of gray, tired prisoners. Americans! That word repeated, yelled over the shoulders in throaty Polish, in Italian, in Russian, and Dutch and in the familiar ring of French. The first internee was shot down as he rushed toward the gate by the guard. Yet they kept running and shouting through eager lips and unbelieving eyes. Americans!" Dachau Liberated The Official Report by the U.S. Seventh Army

Polish inmates celebrate their liberation from Dachau


  Surrender of Camp

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 Before the Liberation

  The Dachau Massacre

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 Liberation Day 

 Linberger's Account

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 After the Liberation

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