Wooden screen hides Dachau gas chamber wall


Bodies of SS soldiers on the left, naked bodies of prisoners on the right

The photograph above was taken by the US Army in May 1945, a few days after the liberation of the camp. It shows a wooden screen in front of the east wall of Baracke X. The screen is 16 feet long and extends 6 feet out from the wall. There is no roof over the area behind the screen. Hidden by this screen are the two bins through which the Nazis poured Zyklon-B gas pellets through the wall onto the floor of the gas chamber. The prisoners' barracks were located behind the camera but Baracke X was hidden from the inmates by a line of poplar trees. In spite of all this secrecy, the inmates knew that Dachau was a death factory and they informed the American liberators and the press about the infamous gas chamber. The fact that the Nazis were murdering millions of Jews in gas chambers was already known throughout the world, as early as June 1942, when the BBC in England began broadcasting this news.

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