Liberation of Dachau sub-camps

Survivors of Ampfing sub-camp of Dachau

The Dachau Concentration camp system included 123 sub-camps and Kommandos which were set up in 1943 when underground factories were built near the main camp to make use of the slave labor of the Dachau prisoners. These sub-camps were in the surrounding area and were liberated by various divisions of the American Seventh army who unexpectedly came across them on their way to capture Munich.

The photograph above shows survivors of the Ampfing sub-camp of Dachau, which was liberated by the 14th Armored Division of the US Seventh Army on May 3, 1945. The man on the far left in the photo above is Leslie Keller, a Jew from Szeged, Hungary who was first sent to Auschwitz in 1944 and then transferred to the Dachau sub-camp called Ampfing to work in the munitions factory there.

Liberation of Allach sub-camp

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