Old barracks at KZ Dachau


Dachau barracks in 1933 were old factory buildings

Dachau prisoners march past old factory building in camp

When the Dachau Concentration Camp first opened on March 22, 1933, the prisoners were housed in the old buildings of a gun powder and munitions factory which had been built in 1915 during the first World War. The first photograph above shows a column of prisoners in the background, marching from their barracks to the kitchen. The second photograph shows the same column of prisoners as it passes the building on the far left in the first picture. These buildings were all torn down when the camp was rebuilt into a modern penal colony, starting in 1936. The photograph below shows Dachau prisoners in front of one of the old barracks buildings which were formerly part of the munitions factory.

Dachau prisoners listen to Hitler's speech in 1934

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