Photos in Dachau Museum in 1965

Photo of typhus victims, taken May 4, 1945

The photo above was taken by the U.S. Army on May 4, 1945, 5 days after Dachau was liberated. It shows bodies laid out in rows on the eastern side of the camp; a group of American newspaper reporters are shown in the background. They had arrived to cover the story, at the request of General Dwight D. Eisenhower. On May 1st, a group of American Congressmen arrived and a film was made on May 3rd which showed how the gas chamber operated.

The photo shows the bodies of Dachau prisoners who had died of typhus after the camp was liberated. Most of the bodies found on Liberation day were inside the crematorium, as shown in the photo below, which was formerly displayed in the crematorium building.

The photo below was taken from the doorway on the north side of the oven room in Barracke X. This room was previously used as an autopsy room before it was put into use as a second mortuary room during the typhus epidemic.

Photo of bodies in the Crematorium at Dachau

The photo below, which was included in the 1965 museum, was taken in Allach, a sub-camp of Dachau, on April 30, 1945. It was not identified as Allach in the Museum caption.

Liberation of Allach on April 30, 1945

Polish Resistance fighers celebrate with bottles of wine

A series of photos of the medical experiments done for the German Air Force at Dachau were shown in the 1965 museum. One of these photos is shown below.

Russian POW used in medical experiment at Dachau

Dachau prisoner, Abraham Borenstein, was "shot while attempting to escape"

The photograph above, which was taken on May 14, 1941, shows the body of Abraham Borenstein lying in the foreground after he was shot by the SS at Dachau. Two of the SS men pictured are Egon Zill and Franz Johann Hofmann, who participated in the shooting. This photo was taken at the farm near the Dachau camp, where the prisoners worked. The caption on this photo in the 1965 museum was "Shot while attempting to escape," which the museum said was a Nazi euphemism for execution.

The photo below, which was included in the 1965 museum, was taken during the proceedings of the first American Military Tribunal at Dachau in November 1945. It shows the former Commandant of Dachau, Martin Gottfried Weiss, standing on the right. On the left is Dr. Franz Blaha, who was the only witness that mentioned the gas chamber at Dachau during the trial.

Dr. Franz Blaha identifies Commandant Martin Gottfried Weiss


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