Heinrich Himmler

"...the Nordic race is decisive, not only for Germany, but for the whole world. Should we succeed in establishing this Nordic race again from and around Germany and inducing them to become farmers, and from this seedbed producing a race of 200 million, then the world will belong to us. Should Boshevism win, it will signify the extermination (Austilgen) of the Nordic race..." Heinrich Himmler, quoted by author Peter Padfield in Himmler, published in 1990

Heinrich Himmler lies dead after being captured by the British

After the war, Heinrich Himmler tried to escape by putting on a Wehrmacht uniform and a patch over one eye, but he was captured by the British Army about two weeks after the Germans surrendered. Himmler allegedly committed suicide by biting down on a cyanide capsule, that he had managed to keep hidden in his mouth while eating a sandwich during his interrogation by the British. Himmler's daughter did not believe that her father committed suicide. Himmler and his daughter, Gudrun, are shown in the photo below.

Heinrich Himmler with his beloved daughter "Puppi"

A new book by Joseph Bellinger, which was published in 2005 in Germany, provides evidence that Himmler was murdered at the hands of his captors in May 1945. The name of the book is Himmlers Tod Freitod oder Mord? Die letzten Tage des Reichsführers-SS (Himmler's Death: Suicide or Murder? The Final Days of the Reichsfuerher-SS). Click here to order the book.

Photos of Himmler with Nazi leaders

Photos of Himmler at Dachau

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