Heinrich Himmler

"We must be clear that in the next ten years we face unprecedented conflicts of a critical nature. It is not only the battle of the nations, which have pushed forward only in the case of the opposition, but it is the weltanschauliche battle of the entire Jewry, freemasonry, Marxism and churches of the world. These forces - of which I assume the Jews to be the driving spirit, the origin of all the negatives - are clear that if Germany and Italy are not eradicated, THEY will be eradicated (vernichtet werden). Heinrich Himmler, speech in Munich, Nov. 8, 1938

Heinrich Himmler, in the center of the front row, inspects Dachau camp

Himmler speaks to a Dachau political prisoner

"We came to the question: How is it with the women and children? I decided to find a clear solution here as well. I did not consider myself justified to exterminate the men - that is, to kill them or have them killed - and allow the avengers of our sons and grandsons in the form of their childreen to grow up. The difficult decision had to be taken to make this people disappear from the earth." Heinrich Himmler, speech at Posen, Oct. 6, 1943

Himmler picking flowers on the herb farm at Dachau

Rare photo of Himmler smiling on a visit to Bavaria

Photo of Himmler after his death

Photos of Himmler with Nazi leaders

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