Door to Dachau "gas chamber"

"Gas chambers, conveniently located to the crematory, are examined by a soldier of the U.S. Seventh Army. These chambers were used by Nazi guards for killing prisoners of the infamous Dachau concentration camp." Caption on US Army photo, shown below.


Photo taken by T/4 Sidney Blau April 30, 1945

Door where US soldier was standing on April 30, 1945

The photo directly above was taken in May 2003 in the same location where the soldier in the first photo above was standing. The door in front of which the soldier stood has now been bolted to another door, making it impossible to get the exact same shot. The photograph below shows almost the same shot; it was taken in front of one of the four doors into the disinfection chambers. Notice that the doors have been repainted so that the words that were originally there are no longer visible.

The black sign over the doors in May 2001 informed visitors in five languages that these rooms are disinfection chambers, and that they were used to kill the lice in clothing by gassing with Zyklon B.

Doors into disinfection gas chambers, May 2001