Deloused clothing in Dachau

South end of Baracke X with deloused clothing hung up

The US Army photograph above was taken on April 30, 1945, the day after the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp. Two soldiers inspect the prisoners' uniforms and other clothing which the liberators found hung up in front of the building which houses the four disinfection gas chambers. Behind the line of clothing are the doors into the four disinfection gas chambers. Another set of doors into these four chambers is at the other end of the chambers in an open-air hallway.

The photograph below shows a display which is located outside the disinfection chambers at Dachau. On the display board is a photo taken by the US Army shortly after the liberation of the camp. The photo shows a pile of clothing waiting to be disinfected in the nearby chambers.

"Prisoner clothing in front of the disinfection chambers"

The photograph below, also taken on April 30, 1945, shows a US soldier standing in the open-air hallway in front of one of the doors into the disinfection chambers. Clothes were hung on hangers, then placed inside the disinfection chambers and deloused with Zyklon B, the same poison gas that was used in the death camps for gassing the Jews. The US Army released the photograph below with a caption which said that this was the gas chamber for murdering the Dachau inmates. The American liberators mistakenly assumed that the Jewish inmates at Dachau were forced to remove their clothes, then either hang them neatly on hangers outside the chambers or throw them on the big pile of clothes shown above, before entering the disinfection chambers to be killed with Zyklon B.

US soldier inspects door into disinfection chamber


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