Interior of St. Jakob's Church

Choir loft built by Master-builder Friedrich Sustris

The interior of the parish church of St. Jakob in Dachau is even more impressive than the outside. The choir loft and the church organ are particularly noteworthy, as shown in the photograph above. The choir loft was built by Master-builder Friedrich Sustris.

The photograph below shows the main altar with its beautiful painting, done by Professor Josef Hauber in 1816. The two side altars are shown in the next two photographs below. The last picture shows a statue of the Virgin Mary with seven swords stuck in her heart. This statue is on your right as you enter the church.


Painting on main altar by Prof. Josef Hauber

Side altar on the right side of St. Jakob's Church

Side altar on the left side of St. Jakob's Church

Statue of the Virgin Mary with 7 swords in her heart

Baroque building next to the Church

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