English garden at the castle

Arbor of lime trees was planted in 1790

The English garden at the Dachau castle was designed by landscape architect Friedrich Ludwig von Skell. The photograph above shows the beautiful arbor of linden trees which were planted in 1790. In England, these are called lime trees, and they are a standard feature of English gardens. If you think it is strange to find an English garden in Germany, just remember where the Angles and the Saxons came from originally.

The Schloss overlooks the well-maintained English garden which is shown in the photograph below. Much of the garden is taken up by an orchard of fruit trees set in a meadow of tall grass. This is a formal garden, laid out with precise paths and flower borders.

From the castle, you can look out over the red roof-tops of the town of Dachau, which is shown in the last photograph below. Notice that there are no tall buildings in Dachau and most of the homes are relatively new. Dachau is a charming town with a 1200-year-history and the Schloss is the focus of the town. The Renaissance castle is part of "the other Dachau," and a visit to this beautiful place takes you back in time to another era, when Dachau was the second home of the Wittelsbach family, the Bavarian royalty.


Orchard in front of the castle on southwest side

View of the English garden from the veranda

View of the town of Dachau, as seen from the castle

Schlossberg Brewery

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