Zieglerbräu Brewery and Inn

Vine-covered Zieglerbräu Inn adjoins old town hall

The Zieglerbräu Brewery and Inn is located at Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 8, directly across the street from the Ziegler villa, where the Dachau Art Gallery is now housed on the second floor. This historic building was built in 1766 and purchased by the Ziegler family in 1791. Adjoining the Zieglerbräu is the old town hall with its distinctive Baroque gable. The Zieglerbräu has outdoor tables where food and beer are served all day long. As you sit here in this very pleasant spot, you have a beautiful view of the parish church of St. Jakob across the street and the red marble fountain in front of the old town hall. Dachau's most famous citizen, Ludwig Thoma, used to hang out here with his good friend Ignatius Taschner, the artist who designed the red marble fountain. One of the rooms in the restaurant inside is named after Ludwig Thoma. The soldiers of the Red Army also used to eat here during the time they occupied Dachau from April 16,1919 until April 30,1919 when the Görlitz Frei Corps liberated the town. The Frei Corps was a militia, and many of the top Nazis came from its ranks.

Behind the building is a veranda with more tables shaded by bright yellow umbrellas. The veranda faces south toward Munich and overlooks the Lower Town of Dachau. The photograph below shows a view of the veranda from the passageway through the new town hall. In the photograph above, you can see part of the new town hall which adjoins the pink old town hall.

Tables of the Zieglerbräu Inn on the veranda

The Zieglerbräu is built on the edge of a hill and beneath it, there are cellars, formerly used to store beer, which go down two stories. The cellars are connected by passageways with other cellars under the town. These cellars were used as air raid shelters when Dachau was bombed by American planes during World War II. The cellars were also used as hiding places for the prisoners, who escaped from the Dachau camp in the last few days before their liberation, and joined town residents in the Dachau uprising.

The Zieglerbräu is run by an attractive young couple: Andrea Schneider & Christian Simon. Andrea speaks English quite well. To reserve a room, go to their website at this address:


or call them from the USA by dialing 011-49-8131-454396

or send a fax from the USA by dialing 011-49-8131-4543-9898

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