Linden tree towers over Resistance Square in Dachau

Every town in Germany has a market square where farmers traditionally sell fresh vegetables and fruit in an outdoor market. Dachau's market square is located down the street from the Ziegler villa on Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse where it intersects with Pharrstrasse. On Saturdays, trucks bring in produce and stalls are set up under a magnificent linden tree, planted in 1907, that is now 60 feet high. The stalls extend along Pharrstrasse. The photograph above shows the tree with trucks parked under it. It was taken just after the outdoor market opened on a Saturday morning in May, 2001. In the background, you can see the Baroque tower of the parish church of St. Jakob.

In November 1946, the market square was named Widerstandsplatz which means "Resistance Square" in honor of the Dachau concentration camp prisoners and residents of the town who fought together in the Dachau Uprising. This was a battle with the SS soldiers for control of the town on April 28, 1945, the day before the American Army arrived. Soon afterwards, the sign was lost and the town resistance effort was forgotten. In 1981, the name was restored when a new sign, that remains to this day, was erected.

Kreichgauer House

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