Unterbräu Inn


Headquarters of the Red Army in April 1919

The Unterbräu Inn at Augsburgerstrasse 12 is directly across the street from the Ludwig-Thoma-Haus and the building which is the former location of the Cafe Belstler. The building dates back to 1891 and the Unterbräu is said to be the oldest brewery in Dachau.

The Inn is significant in the history of both the Communists and the Nazis. On April 16, 1919 when the Red Army occupied Dachau, the Inn became their headquarters. Before the Red Army was routed on April 30, 1919 by the Freikorps Görlitz, an order was issued for all Dachau citizens to turn in their weapons here. In the 1930ies, it was the turn of the Nazis and they used the Inn to hold meetings. This Inn was the scene of several clashes between the local citizens and the SA, a private army of the Nazis that Americans refer to as the "Stormtroopers."

The photograph below shows the front of the building where there is a marker which designates the former location of one of the old town gates and the photograph above shows the end of the building.

Marker for Augsberger gate in front of Inn built in 1891


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