Schlossberg Brewery


Schlossberg Brewery

The Schlossberg Brewery, shown in the photograph above, is located on the street that leads to the Schloss. The property where the Brewery now stands was formerly the location for the service building of the castle. The Ziegler family bought the property in 1876 and in 1901, moved their brewery to this location. The name of the brewery was changed to Schlossberg Brewery in 1919 when the Zieglerbräu merged with the Hörhammerbräu to form a new partnership.

Next door to the Schlossberg Brewery (not shown here) is the location of the former Zieglerkeller. A large beer garden called the Bräustüberl is now located here. It has outdoor tables shaded by trees. The Zieglerkeller has some significance in Dachau history because it is where the Dachau SS was formed, with six men, in 1930. SS troops at the Dachau Concentration Camp marched through the town to the Zieglerkeller on June 15, 1933 and held a concert here, after first putting on a concert for the prisoners at the camp.

Across from the Schlossberg Brewery is a building where the Wülfert Meat Processing Factory had a warehouse. Prisoners from the Dachau concentration camp worked as forced laborers at the Wülfert factory.

The street in front of the Schlossberg Brewery goes past the Wülfert building and then down the Schlossberg hill to the Wittmann Bookstore at the end of the street.

Wittmann Bookstore

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