Rauffer House

Ludwig Thoma had his office here

The Rauffer House, where Ludwig Thoma had his office, stands across from the Wittmann Bookstore at Augsburgerstrasse 13. In October 1894, Ludwig Thoma opened a law office here, becoming Dachau's first attorney. His office was on the third floor. At that time this location was occupied by a haberdashery owned by Max Rauffer, who had the building built in 1892 on land where a grain storage barn formerly stood. Today this building has a Hugo Boss clothing store for men on the ground floor. In an inside hallway, there is a copper door that is engraved with quotes from Thoma's books. This door, designed by Reinhard Grübl, was installed in 1971. It is shown in the photograph below. The second photograph below is a portrait of Ludwig Thoma.

Copper door engraved with quotes from Ludwig Thoma

Ludwig Thoma, famous writer and poet, lived in Dachau

Ludwig Thoma House

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