Prisoners walked along this route in Dachau Uprising

Mühlbachweg is a path that runs along a stream called the Mühlbach, from which it gets its name. To get to it from Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse, take the stairs called the Martin-Huber-Treppe, the entrance to which is next to the Cafe Brüllerhaus. In the photograph above, you can see the paved path and a fence along the stream. On the other side of the wooded area, out of the range of the camera, is Ludwig-Thoma-Strasse, named after Dachau's famous writer. The street was formerly Steinmühlestrasse named after an old grain mill called the Steinmühle. 

A commemorative stone for Ludwig Thoma stands in the grassy area between the path and the street. It was designed by Dachau artist Walter von Ruckteschell who also did the statues which stand in the passageway through the new town hall.

The Mühlbachweg has historical significance because it is the path along which women from Dachau accompanied escaped prisoners from the concentration camp during the Dachau Uprising on April 28, 1945 when the locals and the prisoners battled it out with SS soldiers in front of the old town hall. The prisoners had been hidden for several days in the cellers under the town by the locals.

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