List of Historic Places in Dachau

The places that are marked with a blue pin have the best photographs or an interesting history

Old Town Hall (Building with 17th century Baroque gable)

Passageway through New Town Hall (Statues and Plaque in honor of Dachau Jews)

Parish Church of St. Jakob (Baroque church built in 17th century)

Interior of Church (Stunning choir loft and altar paintings)

Office of Cultural Affairs (Baroque architecture)

Dachauer Gemälde Galerie (Dachau Art Gallery - plaque honors men slain in Dachau Uprising)

Brauerei-Gasthof Zieglerbräu (Hotel built in 1766 was hangout for Ludwig Thoma)

Hörhammerbräu (Hotel where Nazis and Communists clashed)

Obere Apotheke (Pharmacy that supplied concentration camp with medicine)

Widerstandsplatz (Resistance Square where Dachauers fought with SS in Dachau Uprising)

Kreichgauer Haus (Office of Dr. Erika Mayer, dentist to concentration camp inmates)

Cafe Brüllerhaus (Damaged in liberation of Dachau from the Red Army on April 30, 1919)

Mühlbackweg (Path where escaped prisoners walked in Dachau Uprising)

Brückenwirt (Hotel connected with tragedy after Dachau man sent to concentration camp)

Neue Galeri Dachau (New Art Gallery - Communists arrested & brought here March 21, 1933)

Stadtkeller (Headquarters of trade unions before Nazi takeover)

Schloss (17th Century Castle of Wittelsbach royal family of Bavaria)

English Garden (Garden on south side of Castle)

Brauerei Schlossberg (Largest Brewery in Dachau)

Buchhandlung Wittmann (Bookstore where concentration camp library was brought)

Ludwig Thoma Haus (Baroque building named after famous writer and lawyer)

Rauffer Haus (Former law office of Ludwig Thoma)

Location of former Cafe Belstler (SS soldiers danced with local girls here)

Unterbräu Inn (Headquarters of Red Army and later a Nazi meeting place)

Altfriedhof (Old cemetery with 17th century Baroque chapel)

Bäckerei Teufelhart (Popular Dachau bakery - supplied concentration camp with bread)

Kochwirt Restaurant (Communist leader Ernst Toller spoke here)

Bezirksmuseum Dachau (Dachau Regional Museum displays Dachau artifacts)

District Administration Building (Nazis raised swastika flag here on Mar. 9, 1933)

Dachau air raid shelters (Entrances to bomb shelters under Dachau hill)

Town Gates (Locations of Augsburger Tor, Freisinger Tor, and Münchner Tor)

Fountains (Red marble fountain and 3 others)

Waldfriedhof (Jewish monument where concentration camp victims buried)

Leitenberg Cemetery (Jewish monument at mass graves of concentration camp victims)

Christian Cross at Leitenberg (Cross and mass graves landscaped like English garden)

Italian Monument at Leitenberg (Memorial Chapel has classic Roman architecture)

Dachau Memorial Site (Monuments and memorials at the former concentration camp)

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