Italian Memorial Chapel

Regina Pacis Italian chapel at Leitenberg

The Italian Memorial Chapel at Leitenberg, called Regina Pacis, was designed by Dr. Enea Ronca from Verona. The name means Queen of Peace. The Memorial Chapel was consecrated on July 31, 1973. It is dedicated to the memory of all the Italians who died in the Nazi concentration camps. There were 3,388 Italians counted at the Dachau concentration camp at the last roll call on April 26, 1945, three days before the camp was liberated.

A steep path from the parking lot at Leitenberg leads directly to the Italian Memorial Chapel, which is located just outside the low wall of the Leitenberg cemetery. This path up to the Memorial Chapel is marked by 14 stones engraved with the Stations of the Cross by sculptor Vittorio di Colbertaldo from Verona. One of the stones is shown in the photograph below. Notice the low wall of the cemetery in the background. This is the 12th Station of the Cross, almost at the top of the hill.

One of the Stations of the Cross on path to Italian Chapel

The photograph below shows a close-up of the sculpture on the left hand side of the Chapel. Behind the Memorial Chapel, one can look out and see farm land below the hill. On the hillside in front of the Chapel is a meadow with tall grass.

Close-up of sculpture at the Italian Memorial Chapel

If you take the path directly from the parking lot to the Italian Memorial Chapel, don't miss the cemetery, which is down the path to the right as you are standing in front of the Chapel.

The black sign on the left in the photograph below has these words written in English: "Dachau-Leitenberg Cemetery - Final resting place of more than 7400 mainly unknown concentration camp prisoners." The sign has the same message written in German, French, Italian and Polish.

Path leads to cemetery enclosed by a low wall

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