Hörhammerbräu Inn

Hörhammerbräu is the building in the foreground

Down the street from the Zieglerbräu Inn is another place that is steeped in history, the Hörhammer Inn at Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 12. It was here that Dachau's artists met when the town was an important art colony in the 19th century. There are many meeting rooms in the Inn including one named for Max Josef I of the Wittelsbach family who used the banquet hall here when he was the King of Bavaria. The name Hörhammerbräu dates back to 1839 when Anton Hörhammer bought the property. The photograph above shows the Hörhammerbräu in the foreground with the Zieglerbräu just up the street. Next to the Zieglerbräu is the pink-colored old town hall.

It was in the Max Josef room of the Hörhammer Inn that a group of Dachau residents met in November 1922 to form the Bund Oberland which became the Dachau Nazi party in 1929. The Nazi party held regular meetings at the Inn. The KPD, as the Communist party was called, also held meetings here and the two parties had frequent clashes. The Communists would attempt to break up meetings by the Nazis and prevent them from speaking. One of the Nazis who was preventing from speaking at a meeting at the Hörhammerbräu was Rudolf Hess, a resident of the nearby town of Augsburg. Hess became famous during World War II when he took off in his own plane from an airfield in Augsburg and flew to Scotland with the intention of negotiating with the British to end the war in 1940. His peace attempt failed and he spent the rest of the war in prison in England, then the rest of his life in Spandau prison in Berlin after being convicted as a war criminal at Nuremberg.


Hörhammerbräu where Nazis and Communists clashed

During the time that the Dachau concentration camp was in operation, the residents tried to help the prisoners by sneaking food to them when they were deployed on work details in the town. The Nazis called a meeting at the Hörhammerbräu to issue warnings to the women not to feed the prisoners on the work details.

This Inn also has extensive cellars dug into the hill on which it stands; they were formerly used for beer fermentation and storage. In 1919, the Hörhammer and the Zieglerbräu combined their breweries and set up a new brewery called the Schlossberg, which is on a street that leads to the Castle.

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