Building next to St. Jakob church

Baroque building across from St. Jakob Church

The Baroque building shown in the photograph above is at Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 1 across from the parish Church of St. Jakob. There are two main streets in Old Town Dachau: Augsburgerstrasse and a short stretch of Freisingerstrasse which has been renamed Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse. These two streets meet at the location of this beautiful Baroque building, forming a U shape with Mittlemayerstrasse closing the top of the U on the north side of Old Town. This building looks as old as the church next to it, but it was built much more recently.

The first building that stood on this site was built in 1589. The present building was modeled after the previous building, which was built around 1783. It formerly housed the Kaufhaus Lina Hölzl (Lina Hölzl Department Store). Since 1997, this beautiful building has been the Office of Cultural Affairs, Tourism and Contemporary History. In the next photograph below, you can see how nicely it compliments the Baroque church building.

St. Jakob church and former Lina Hölzl Dept. Store

On a side street directly behind this Baroque building is a two-story residence with a courtyard framed by a beautiful hawthorn tree, shown in the photograph below.

Courtyard of residence behind the Baroque building

Dachau Art Gallery

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