Fountains in Dachau

Red marble fountain designed by Ignatius Taschner

Carved figures wearing traditional Dachau clothes

German cities are noted for their beautiful fountains, and Dachau is no exception. The first two photographs above show the red marble fountain in front of the old town hall. In the background of the first photograph, you can see the white umbrellas over the tables in front of the yellow Zieglerbräu Brewery and Inn. On the extreme left is the Hörhammerbräu Inn. The place where this fountain stands is the very heart of the Altstadt, as the old town is called.

The red marble fountain was designed by Ignatius Taschner, a famous Dachau artist who used to hang out at the Zieglerbräu with his great friend Ludwig Thoma, a well-known writer who lived in Dachau from 1894 to 1897. It was erected in 1915 to replace the former town fountain which was moved to the corner of Wieningerstrasse and Freisingerstrasse. That section of Freisingerstrasse is now called Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse.

The second photograph above shows a close-up of the tall column of the fountain. On all sides of the column are the carved figures of men and women wearing the traditional dress of Dachau. One can see a display of these regional folk costumes at the District Museum which is on Augsburgerstrasse, only a few short steps from this fountain.

The first photograph below shows the fountain which used to stand in front of the old town hall and the adjoining Zieglerbräu building. Shown in the photograph is the intersection of Wieningerstrasse and Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse. The fountain is on Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse. The building in the background is the Kreichgauer House where Dr. Erika Mayer treated prisoners from the concentration camp for dental problems.

The second photograph below shows another Dachau fountain with one of the stalls of the Saturday market on Pharrstrasse in the background. In the third photograph is a modern fountain which stand on Augsburgerstrasse across from the Teufelhart Bakery. In the background is the Unterbräu which is down the street from the bakery.

Old Dachau fountain dates back to 1788

Dachau fountain near Pharrstrasse

Modern fountain on Augsburgerstrasse in Dachau


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