Brückenwirt Inn

Brückenwirt Inn is associated with tragic deaths in Dachau

The Brückenwirt Inn is located near the end of Mühlbachweg at the corner of the Bergstrasse and Brunngartenstrasse. Bergstrasse is the street that climbs the hill to the Upper Town. At the top right of the photograph above, you can see the hill called the Karlsberg. The name Brükenwirt means the Innkeeper at the Bridge. This Inn is close to a bridge over the Amper River which runs through the town of Dachau. The Brückenwirt was nicknamed the Hotel International because it had a varied clientele of painters, lawyers and traveling journeymen who belonged to guilds. In 1919 Josef Schmid became the proprietor of the Inn. He was known as a town character, a heavy drinker who liked to speak in rhymes to his customers. 

The Inn is connected with a terrible tragedy that happened during the Nazi regime. Ludwig Rosner was arrested and taken to the Dachau concentration camp for making anti-Nazi comments in the Inn. He was released after a few months, but when he came home his wife and two young sons were gone. They had been missing for months. Their bodies were later found in the Zieglerwald (Ziegler Woods). The mother had shot the two children and then killed herself with her husband's pistol.

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