Map of the Small Fortress

1. Main entrance gate
2. Administration Courtyard
3. Geschäftszimmer, where prison records were kept
4. Wachstube (guards' office)
5. Commandant's office
6. Clothes store
7. Entrance to First Courtyard with sign "Arbeit Macht Frei"
8. First Courtyard, divided into Blocks A and B
9. Group cells where up to 100 prisoners were held in one cell
10. Room where police doctor performed surgery
11. First Courtyard Commandant's office
12. Solitary confinement cells
13. Bathroom and delousing room
14. Sick room staffed by imprisoned doctors
15. Shaving room which was remodeled in 1944 for Red Cross visit
16. Hospital block where hundreds died during the typhus epidemic
17. Entrance to the long tunnel which ends at the execution site
18. Mortuary where corpses were stored before being burned
19. Execution site where 250 to 300 prisoners were shot or hanged
20. Mass graves where 601 corpses were exhumed in 1945
21. Gate of Death leading to execution site
22. Swimming pool for the camp guards and their families
23. Door to movie theater in Fourth Courtyard administration building
24. Fourth Courtyard is the entire open area in the center of the map
25. Fourth Courtyard administration building has Holocaust Memorial
26. Mass cells which held 400 to 600 prisoners
27. Raised part of courtyard where prisoners were hanged as a warning
28. Solitary confinement cells, which are not open to the public
29. Barracks for 120 SS guards, now a Museum
30. Lord's House where the Commandant and some of the guards lived
31. Second Courtyard where workshops were located
32. Canteen for prison staff, now a restaurant
33. Third Courtyard for women prisoners; restrooms located here
34. National Cemetery where 10,000 victims are buried, including 2,386 in individual graves