Fourth Courtyard in Small Fortress

Gate into Prison yard with guard tower on top

The photograph above shows the guard tower above the entrance into the Fourth Courtyard. (The identity of the two tourists has been protected with a blue dot.)

The photograph below shows the prison yard with group cells on the left (number 26 on the map) and solitary confinement cells (number 28 on the map) on the right. These locations are shown on the map of the fortress which we were given on the tour.

Prisoners were executed on raised portion of prison courtyard

The group cells on the left in the photograph above could hold 400 to 600 prisoners. Cell No. 44 was for prisoners who were condemned to die. On May 2, 1945, there were 49 men and 3 women who were executed, just before the army of the Soviet Union arrived to liberate the Small Fortress and the Theresienstadt Ghetto.

In the center of the photograph above, you can see that there is a raised section of the courtyard (number 27 on the map) which looks like an outdoor stage. After three prisoners from cell No. 38 attempted an escape in March 1945 and were caught, one of the escapees and two other men and a woman were selected at random to be executed here as a warning to the other prisoners. The other two escapees were captured and stoned to death in the First Courtyard, according to the pamphlet handed out to visitors at the Small Fortress.

Two of the group cells on the left side are open to visitors. One of them is shown in the photograph below.

Prison cell with wash basins under the window

Memorial to victims is inside administration building in Fourth Courtyard

Click here to see a map of the fortress which shows the location of the Holocaust Memorial in the photograph above.

Third Courtyard

Main Gate

Arbeit Macht Frei gate

Administration Courtyard

First Courtyard

Escape Route

The Long Tunnel

Execution Spot

Gate of Death

Commandant's House