Commandant's House in Small Fortress

Commandant's house on the left, door to execution site on the right

On the left in the photo above is the "Lord's House" where the Commandant and his family lived, along with the guards and their families.

Commandant's quarters is on the left, movie theater building is on the right

The two photographs above show the Commandant's quarters in the Small Fortress at Theresienstadt. In the background in the center of the photo above is the Gate of Death which leads to the execution site. One wonders how the Commandant could sleep at night, being so close to the doorway through which at least 250 innocent victims walked to their death. Today the Commandan't house is used for the administrative offices of the Small Fortress.

The building on the right in the photo above is a movie theater.

Door into movie theater for the SS guards at the Small Fortress

The photograph above shows the door into the movie theater which was built in 1942 for the guards and their families. Today it is used to show documentary films and there is also an exhibit room here.


Fourth Courtyard

Third Courtyard

Main Gate

Arbeit Macht Frei gate

Administration Courtyard

First Courtyard

Escape Route

The Long Tunnel

Execution Spot

Gate of Death