Hrbitova Street in Josefov

Hrbitova Street looking toward the pink Old Town Hall on Maiselova street

Even in October, the streets of Josefov were crowded with tourists on walking tours of the old Jewish quarter in 2000 when I visited. The whole area is a tourist trap with sourvenir stands selling puppets, statues of the golem, post cards, photographs of Franz Kafka and carved wooden figures of Orthodox Jews wearing their traditional clothing.

On the right in the picture above, tourists crowd around the street vendors' stalls on Hrbitova Street, looking for sourvenirs of their visit. This picture is the view looking east toward the intersection of Maiselova and Hrbitova, taken from the entrance to the Klausen Synagogue which is at the other end of this street, behind the camera. On the left side of the picture, you see tourists looking at the windows of the sourvenir shops, and in the center is a tour group, listening as their guide tells them about the Old Town Hall, the pink building in front of them.