Old Jewish Cemetery in Josefov in Prague

Old Jewish Cemetery with Ceremonial Hall in the background

The oldest grave in the old Jewish cemetery in Prague is that of a rabbi, poet and physician named Avigdor Kara, who died in 1439. His original tombstone was recently replaced by a replica (Not shown). Kara was one of the few survivors of a pogrom at Easter time in 1389 when approximately 3,000 Jews, almost the entire Jewish population in Prague, were killed by the Christians living in the city, after local Catholic priests accused the Jews of desecrating the Host used in the sacrament of Holy Communion.

The view in the picture above is looking toward the exit which is right by the Ceremonial Hall, shown in the background in the center of the photograph. On the right in the background is the Klausen Synagogue.

Old Town Hall in Josefov