Reichstag Building in Berlin

 The Reichstag building burned on the night of 27 February 1933, but it has been reconstructed. The building was opened again on April 19, 1999.

 The glass dome on the top, designed by British architect Sir Norman Foster, was added when the building was reconstructed. The German Congress meets in the Reichstag building.

 On 9 November 1918, Philipp Scheidemann proclaimed a German Republic from a window of the Reichstag, and the Kaiser was forced to abdicate.

Slabs of black marble in front of the Reichstag have the names of the 96 members of the Reichstag who were murdered by the Nazis; it was dedicated in September 1992.

 Construction was still going on in front of the Reichstag building where new landscaping was being installed when I visited in May 2002. The Berlin wall formerly ran behind the Reichstag which was located on the West side of the divided city of Berlin.

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