Jewish Museum in Berlin

Exhibit shows products manufactred by a Jewish merchant

Famous Nazi propaganda poster is shown in one of the displays

Museum exhibits are located on the top floor, up this steep flight of stairs

More exhibits are located on the top floor of the Berlin Jewish Museum, up the steep flight of stairs shown in the photo above. There is an elevator for those who are unwilling or unable to climb the steep steps. These exhibits are about the history of the Jewish people and the Jewish religion.

At the top of the landing shown in the foreground of the photo above, there are more stair steps going up to a wall where there is no doorway. This is not shown in the photograph; the stairs going nowhere are behind the camera. The whole building is designed to be disconcerting and to make visitors feel insecure and off balance.

Painting of a Catholic saint which is near the entrance to the exhibits upstairs

The first thing that visitors see in the exhibit area upstairs is this painting of a Catholic who was canonized a saint after being murdered in the 13th century in England. The text explains that this person was allegedly killed in a "ritual murder" and the Jews were accused of the crime. There have been numerous allegations of this type, which are referred to as "blood libel."


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