Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site

Das Haus der Stille or the House of Silence is set in a grove of birch trees. It is a place where visitors can contemplate the tragic events that happened at Bergen-Belsen.

Interior of das Haus der Stille, which is behind the Jewish Monument. This is a place of silence where visitors can rest a while on the benches. It also provides the only shelter from the rain. In front is a table where visitors have left notes expressing their thoughts.

"It was horrible what was done to the people. Remember it. Peace is the only thing what I wish." Words on a note left in the House of Silence.

On April 8, 1945, thirty thousand prisoners arrived from other camps. They had been evacuated to Bergen-Belsen to get them out of the war zone. After Bergen-Belsen was turned over to the British, there were 13,000 additional deaths. The memorial stone above is in honor of a member of the French resistance who fought the Nazis after France surrendered. He was probably among the prisoners evacuated from a camp for political prisoners.

A number of grave stones have been placed near the House of Silence in honor of individuals who died at Bergen-Belsen. Their bodies are in the nearby mass graves.

Monument at Bergen-Belsen


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