Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site

Memorial stone for Chaim Herzog, president of Israel, who died April 17, 1997. This is an honorary stone; Herzog is not buried at Bergen-Belsen. As a young intelligence officer from Palestine, serving in the British Army, Herzog was with the British troops that liberated Bergen-Belsen. His father was the Chief Rabbi of Ireland and later became the first Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel. Herzog was present when Heinrich Himmler allegedly committed suicide after being captured by the British.

Monument erected on 15 April 1946 in honor of 30,000 Jews who were murdered by the Nazis at Bergen-Belsen. Mass grave in the background. Stone in honor of Chaim Herzog, former president of Israel, on the right.

Two mass graves, one on the right and one in the background. The circular path around the Memorial Site comes together at this point and a single path leads back to the entrance.

House of Silence


Heinrich Himmler - Suicide? (External link)

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