Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site

Anne Frank and her older sister, Margot, both died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen shortly before the liberation. A tombstone for them has been placed at the site of the former camp, but Anne and her sister are buried in one of the mass graves. No one knows the exact location of their remains. In the background of the photo is one of the mass graves.

Another view of the tombstone for Anne and Margot Frank shows another mass grave in the background. Flowers and mementos have been left by visitors.

A mass grave for 1,000 of the victims at Bergen-Belsen. Mourners have left mementos of their visit, including a silk scarf shown in the foreground.

One of the many Bergen-Belsen mass graves which is the final resting place for 2,500 of the victims of the Nazis. All the mass graves have been planted with heather which blooms in August.

Chaim Herzog Memorial Stone


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