Monowitz Monument

Monument in Oswiecim in honor of Monowitz victims

The monument to the victims of the Nazis who died at Monowitz is located across the street from the ice hockey rink on the eastern side of the town of Oswiecim. According to a book entitled "Auschwitz 1940 - 1945" which I purchased at the Auschwitz Museum, there were 30,000 prisoners, employed by the IG-Farbenindustrie factories at Monowitz, who died during a 3-year period.

Detail of Monowitz Monument

The four posts shown in the photo above resemble the posts of the wall which surrounded the factories at Monowitz. They also look like prisoners with their heads bowed.

KL Auschwitz III, also known as Monowitz, was very important to the Nazis because of its factories which were essential to the German war effort. The Monowitz industrial complex was built by Auschwitz inmates, beginning in April 1941. Initially, the workers walked from the Auschwitz main camp to the building site, a distance of 4 to 6 kilometers each way. By 1942, barracks had been built for the prisoners at Monowitz.

The Jews, who were sent to Auschwitz and then assigned to work at Monowitz, had a much better chance of survival because the factory workers were considered too valuable to send to the gas chambers, at least while they were still able to work. Two famous survivors who worked at Monowitz were Elie Wiesel and Primo Levi, both of whom wrote extensively about the Holocaust.


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