Buna Werke at Monowitz

Ruins of factory in former Monowitz camp

Photo Credit: Herb Yeates

The Buna Werke was a factory for making synthetic rubber; it was built in May 1942, six kilometers from the main Auschwitz camp, by the German company called IG Farbenindustrie. At first, it was one of the 40 sub-camps of the main camp, but in November 1943, the Buna sub-camp became Auschwitz III with its own sub-camps.

In the photo above, you can see part of the solid concrete fence that surrounds the ruins of the factories, which are still in existence today. When you enter the town of Oswiecim, coming from the Krakow airport, the fence is the first thing you see that tells you that the area around this town was once the home of Nazi forced labor camps, where the Jews worked as slave laborers. The fence stretches for miles and behind it are some factories, built by the Germans, that are still being used today. The factories and the ruins are off limits to visitors; the tour groups do not visit the ruins, and even the private tour guides refuse to take visitors there.

Monowitz factories when they were operated by the Germans



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